Thank you for visiting my website, I’m Laura Lynne and this site was built to allow past, present and future clients keep up with current real estate market conditions in the Greater Tehachapi Area. If you’re interested in moving to Tehachapi from out of the area or perhaps just needing to move up or down from your current living situation, I’d love to talk with you. Not ready to move, but just have a question… no worries, I’d be happy to answer whatever I can and find you an answer if I can’t.

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Area Quick Facts

  • Greater Tehachapi Zip Code 93561
  • Population:
    • 2010: 34,630
    • 2014 Est.: 35,979
    • 2020 Est.: 47,691
    • 2035 Est.: 57,632
  • Elevations (Highest Points):
    • Tehachapi Mtn 7,780ft
    • Cummings Mtn 7,660ft
    • Bear Mtn 6,913ft
  • Elevations (Lowest Points):
    • Cummings Valley 3,760ft
    • Golden Hills 3,800ft
    • Tehachapi 3,900ft